About us

What is Zipora's Closet Boutique?

Zipora's Closet Boutique is a trendy, non-profit retail store located in the Brookwood Village and Riverchase Galleria. We serve the greater Birmingham area and aboard!  Our goal is to empower women globally to live fulfilling, productive, & tranquil lives. 

What is Zipora's Closet Story? 

Zipora's Closet is the fulfillment of the life-long  dream of a young girl from South 
Alabama to empower women to excel in life and to own her own clothing store. Zipora's is a story of perseverance and strength, defying the odds to do something new and different, and to be something unique.  We are a non-profit, established on the principles of faith and excellence, to provide the local community and beyond, empowerment through teaching, mentoring and training in entrepreneurship and life skills for women in business and leadership. We provide hope and help to the hurting locally and globally by supporting outreaches and humanitarian services, by giving a portion of our profits to community and philanthropic efforts. We are not just a retail store, we are an agent of change, destined to empower women globally to excel emotionally, economically, and existentially. We are Zipora's Closet.

What is Zipora's Closet Boutique mission?

Our mission is to support and empower women in the Birmingham area by providing fashionable clothing at affordable prices, as well as professional and personal growth opportunities, in a fun and uplifting atmosphere.

How long has Zipora's Closet Boutique been open?

Zipora's Closet Boutique has just launched it's store September 2016. Make sure you follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list.  

Do you donate proceeds to specific non-profit organizations?

Zipora's Closet Boutique partners with local organizations benefiting women and children to further our service in the community.

Why don’t you give away all of the profits?

We may choose to reserve some profits to reinvest in the business so that Zipora's Closet Boutique can continue to grow.

Does Zipora's Closet Boutique have a volunteer program?

Because the work we do is very specialized and requires a lot of training, we do not have a traditional volunteer program. Instead we hire the most qualified and dedicated staff to serve our customers. We do, however, have an internship program for college students.

Does Zipora's Closet Boutique offer internships?

Yes! We offer internships to college students interested in seeking experience in a non-profit and/or online retail setting in exchange for course credit, as arranged by the school, or as part of a work-study program.

If you know of a student interested in learning about non-profit management, event planning, public relations or merchandising and retail management, please have them contact our Executive Director, Kristy Gadson  at info@ziporasboutique.com.

What is Zipora's Closet Boutique contact info?

We can be reached in a variety of ways:

Email: info@ziporasboutique.com
Telephone Sales Support: (205) 701.9678 / (205) 701.9863 
Store Address: 780 Brookwood Village, Homewood, AL 35209  and  2000 Riverchase Galleria, Hoover, AL 35209
Store Hours: Monday through Friday 10 am until 9 pm CST, Sunday 12 am until 6pm,




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